Student – Letters

Exam Cancellation Letter – 6th January 2021

Dear Student

We have been informed by the DfE yesterday evening (5th January) that all January external exams are now optional.  After consultation with many other colleges and receipt of information from exam boards, given the current circumstances of the national lockdown we have reluctantly decided to cancel all our exams  from 7th  January  and any exams that have been completed will be submitted.

The exam boards state that students who are unable to take their assessment this January may be able to take their assessment at a later date. If that is not possible, they will put in place arrangements to ensure no student is disadvantaged, but this process is still to be decided.

We will keep students informed of any development via their college email address.

We all hoped this would not happen again but will get through this together. It is understandable that you will be feeling anxious but please be assured that we are very well prepared to continue to deliver high quality remote learning for all our students up to the February half term.

In the meantime, I would like to emphasise that your teachers and College staff are here for you and will address any queries you may have about your academic progress and well-being. Please do contact your House Monitor/Personal Tutor if you have any questions. 

We look forward to welcoming all our students and staff back to college once this situation has passed. In the meantime, look after yourselves and follow the government advice to ‘stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.’

Stay safe and well.

Kind regards



M Ramzan
Transition Principal & CAO


Remote Learning Update – 5th January 2021

Dear Students,

Further to the  announcement from the Prime Minister about the implementation of a national lockdown, the College will be moving to full remote learning until February half term The Prime Minister also announced   that GCSE and A Level exams will not take place this summer in the normal way. In the coming days we will get details of what will replace them, but it seems reasonable to expect students will receive grades based on a similar system to 2020 We await further information on this from the Government.  January exams over the next few days and weeks are still going ahead as scheduled.

I am aware of the disappointment this news will bring. The government had consistently told students, parents and teachers that exams would happen this year, and we all planned on that basis. However, I would urge you all to consider these three points, as they should provide some reassurance:

  1. Your hard work will still be recognised. None of the effort you have shown so far, and will continue to show in the coming months, will be wasted and will make a difference to your future exam results
  2. Your results in the future. You will still be able to progress to the next level course at College, a apprenticeship, employment or University in the normal way.  None of your ambitions for the future will be affected by this decision.

3 Your online learning. Maintain your attendance to your online lessons. This will help you to build on your subject knowledge and complete any assessments that may be required.

Students who are studying remotely will access the lessons via Microsoft Teams. Teachers will send links to each lesson (the links can be accessed via the calendar on Microsoft Teams). You should access Microsoft Teams from home as soon as possible if you haven’t done so already. You must have device speakers or headphones, so you can hear the lesson. Students can use a smartphone with the Teams app if a laptop, tablet, or PC is not available.

If you are having problems, contact the helpdesk which can be reached by clicking on the Support tile on the intranet page in the Student Teams Portal (see below):


I know it is asking a lot of you all, on top of everything you have been through already, but you must take these points on board and keep going. You may be disappointed that you cannot attend college or take your exam – anyone would be in your position. But in the coming days you will process the news, and in the long run you will be absolutely fine. Your teachers were aware of this possibility and will guide and support you through the remainder of this year. For now, just turn up to all your online lessons, keep working hard, and know that every piece of work you complete will still make a difference.

Thank you for your support



M Ramzan
Transition Principal & CAO