Young Carers

Statistically there are an estimated 376,000 young carers (16 – 25 yrs.) in the UK. Many of them are unaware that they are young carers and some are reluctant to disclose that they do have significant caring duties.

Young Carers typically might have such duties as a member of the family needing extra help as they have a disability, illness or substance misuse; often do the cooking for themselves and other members of the family; have to regularly support other members of the family (e.g siblings) to get ready for their day, etc.

A student with significant caring duties is potentially at a disadvantage with regards to succeeding in education (e.g. fatigue, less time to study, etc.) and we as a college are committed to supporting such students to ensure that these barriers are reduced.


This can be done in two ways:

  • We can offer support in college via the Wellbeing Team and by letting teachers know about the Young Carer’s commitments and asking that staff take this into consideration when looking at, for example, deadlines for work.


  • We would also, automatically refer the young carer to the appropriate support service. In Stockport, this is ‘Signpost For Young Carers’ and we have a linked member of the service who can conduct an assessment to put into place appropriate external support (e.g. attending group sessions with other young carers, counselling, 1-1 support, etc.).

For more information about Signpost Young Carers why not visit their website?