Learning Support

The Cheadle College is committed to supporting the learning of all students and strives to be an inclusive college. We therefore offer a comprehensive Learning Support programme.


What is Learning Support?

  • Learning support is the additional support that a student may require if they are to learn effectively.
  • Learning Support refers to a learning support programme that addresses an assessed, specific learning need.
  • Learning Support is intended to help students cope with the demands of their chosen programme of study and demands of college life.


What are the aims of Learning Support?

  • To make the learning demands of courses more explicit and to make learning skills development a conscious and integral part of course provision
  • To help individual students to cope more effectively with the study skill demands of their courses.
  • To improve student performance on course and in examinations by providing specialist support and arrangements that meet individual need.
  • To enable all students to be included in the learning opportunities of the college.
  • To share specialist strategies (including use of ILT) that are relevant to needs identified and enhance learning potential whilst promoting independent learning.


Information about our Learning Support College Offer