The Cheadle College is committed to meeting the Gatsby Career Benchmarks Standards of Excellence; ensuring that careers education, information, advice and guidance is designed and delivered to meet the needs of students.


Students are entitled to impartial and confidential CEIAG which is person centered, meets professional standards of practice and is delivered by specialist personnel. We therefore offer a comprehensive Careers Programme.

The Careers Team

  • Qualified at least to level 6
  • Registered Career Development Professionals so abide by the
    CDI Code of Ethics and commit to regular continuing professional development
  • Impartial
  • Confidential
  • Friendly
  • Supportive

Name Title Telephone email Location
Helen Berry Careers Advisor (Marple) 0161 484 6641 Careers Office by the glass corridor
Helen Priest Careers Advisor (Cheadle) 0161 486 4678 Careers Office C30
John Husselbee Careers Leader  and Head of Student Services 0161 486 4679 Cheadle campus


If you are an education or apprenticeship provider and would like to find out more about working with the college, please contact Helen Priest.

The College Careers Team is supported by our link advisor from Stockport Services for Young People, Vanessa Gilbert, who works closely with students on Level 1 programmes and those with SEND.

Careers staff also work closely with the Employer Engagement Team who arrange the work placements for students on vocational and A level programmes.

Employer Engagement Team

The C&M College Network has an Employer Engagement Team dedicated to developing collaborative links with external employers and organisations to ensure that students have various opportunities to understand and experience the world of work and put their theoretical learning into practice.

Our Ofsted feedback relating to our employer engagement provision was rated highly. Currently we have over 1250 external collaborative employers / organisations who work with us throughout the year to enhance student learning experiences with practical application.  All students, both A level and vocational, are given the opportunity for a minimum of a one week work placement arranged specifically to meet their needs.


If you are a student who would like to discuss work experience opportunities or If you are an employer who would like to find out more about working with The C&M College Network.

Laura Stephenson

Employer Engagement Manager


What we offer

  • Comprehensive Careers Education delivered via tutorials
  • One to one careers guidance appointments (booked via House Monitors)
  • Links with universities, apprenticeship providers, employers and other local colleges
  • A weekly Careers Bulletin for students to access via Moodle
  • A careers Moodle page with extensive links to relevant careers websites
  • Access to UNIFROG, an excellent subscription-only website for students to explore careers and find out up to date labour market information, enabling them to make informed choices about their future plans
  • Parent Information Evening on Degree Apprenticeships and Student Finance

Careers Bulletin

  • Updated weekly. Includes information on college careers events, university open days, apprenticeship opportunities, Career of the Week, part time jobs and voluntary opportunities.

Careers Programme

  • For more information on our Careers Programme please click here

UCAS Information

UCAS Guidance for ex-students

If you are a former student of the college applying to UCAS we are able to supply a reference for you on request. You will need to click on the link below for full instructions on the process. Please note this service is only available to students who have left college within the last 3 years.

Provider Access
This statement sets out the College’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to education, employment and training for students at the college for the purpose of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer.

This policy is in line with the college’s commitment to meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks for Career Guidance.

Student Entitlement
Students in years 12 and 13 are entitled:

  • To find out about higher education, further education, employment and apprenticeship opportunities as part of the careers programme which provides information on the full range of options available to them on leaving the college.
  • To hear from a range of local providers about the opportunities they offer, including technical education and apprenticeships – through a range of events.
  • To understand how to make applications for the full range of academic and technical courses and apprenticeships.

Management of provider access requests
An education or training provider wishing to access should contact Helen Priest, Careers Advisor and employers should contact Laura Stephenson using the contact details above.

Opportunities for access
A number of events, integrated into the college’s careers programme, will offer providers with non-prejudicial opportunities for the access to students and/or their parents/carers. The college reserves the right to decide the best possible form of access, for example face-to-face, presentation or literature distribution.

The college policy on safeguarding sets out the college’s approach to allowing providers into the college as visitors to talk to our students.