Covid 19 Update – Parents and Carers

Dear Parent/Carer,

Thank you so much on behalf of everyone at Cheadle and Marple College for all the support you have given us during this period as we rolled out the process of home learning. We ask all our parents and carers to remind and re-enforce the UK government’s message with our students at home.


We must all do our bit to fight Coronavirus.  Stay at home.  Protect the NHS.  Save lives.  In recent days, the government has tightened the rules set out to contain the spread of COVID-19. This is to ensure that the country can continue the essential efforts in response to the Coronavirus situation. The College will not be opening for students on Monday 20th April as originally planned.  We will be in touch with you on Friday 29th May to update you further on the latest plans in line with government guidance.  The students understandably want reassurance about their exams. We expect to provide information about the process which will apply this summer after Easter as we are expecting further details on this next week.

I have also written to the students to reassure them over the Easter holidays and a copy of the letter  can be found here: Covid 19 Update – Students.

It is times like these that working together is imperative.  Like you we want the best for your child and it really makes the difference to know we are working together so all our efforts now are for a better and happier tomorrow.

Many thanks for your understanding during these challenging times.

Please stay safe and take care.

Best wishes



Transitional Principal & CAO