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Latin is the study of the language used by Ancient Rome, Western Europe and the Western Mediterranean. Latin was also used as an international language in mediaeval times. The structure and vocabulary of many modern languages, such as French, Spanish and English, are based on Latin.


This course caters for all levels from complete beginners to those who may have taken GCE O or A level or GCSE some years ago and wish to refresh and extend their knowledge.

The focus is on acquiring the basic structure of the language and on developing the ability to read simple Latin texts. Prose and other poetry are also studied as the learner becomes more proficient. There is no coursework or practical work, but you may feel you want to become involved with archaeology after taking the course!

This course is aimed at learners who:

  • are interested in the ancient world and its influences on our world today
  • are interested in languages and their history
  • love literature and want to find out more about classical references from writers such as Shakespeare
  • want a challenge!

Special entry requirements No formal qualifications are needed for this course; however you should be self-motivated with an interest in the classical world and a willingness and ability to think in a structural and logical way.

How you will learn The Latin class tends to have learners working at different levels so it is important to be able to work independently, but with the close support of the tutor.

The programme is carefully structured to take you through Latin of increasing difficulty and to give you confidence. There is no speaking, listening or translation into Latin and the grammar is not learnt by rote as it used to be, but through extensive reading and translation of texts into English.

You will be encouraged to form your own views on the texts studied and the characters within them – there is no right or wrong answers so long as you can substantiate what you say.

The class may be a mixture of sixth form learners and adult learners

What the learners say “Latin is a different subject, but much easier to understand than it sounds. I have found it an interesting experience, if challenging sometimes.”
Susan Colley

“I decided to take Latin because it sounded interesting and unusual, and I have really enjoyed it as it is different from any other subject I have done. It is challenging but not too difficult.”
Caroline Blake

“I have found studying Latin very interesting and I would recommend the course to anyone who is taking other subjects concerning history or a modern language.”
Rachael Ward

Other useful information Most of the issues which we face today in our personal lives and in society generally were also real to the Ancient Romans.