Italian – Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

The Cheadle College

Italian (Beginners) Year 1 and Year 2 This course is for complete beginners or those who have a little knowledge of the language. During the year you will learn the basic language needed to get by in a range of everyday situations. This covers not only language work, but gives you an insight into the culture and life of Italian speakers.

At the end of it you should be able to handle more situations in the language with some confidence.

Italian (Intermediate) Year 1 and Year 2 This course is for the more accomplished linguist. It will help you communicate in Italian, with greater proficiency, for purposes of practical communication and to have short conversations with Italian speakers on a range of topics.

Italian (Advanced) Year 1 and Year 2 This course builds on previous knowledge and should allow you to feel more confident in dealing with Italian spoken at normal speed on a range of topics and to understand what you read in a variety of situations.

Further Studies in Italian (Advanced) This course is for students who have completed the Italian Advanced courses and wish to continue to practice and improve their skills.

What skills do I need?
For the Beginners course no previous knowledge of the language is needed. The willingness to speak as much Italian as possible is an important advantage. For the other courses and levels you need either to have already taken one of our courses at an appropriate level or to have equivalent knowledge.

How will I learn? You will learn using a variety of methods which will
develop your ability to speak, write, read and understand Italian. The main emphasis will, however, be on understanding basic spoken and written Italian and the ability to communicate effectively and accurately. You will spend a considerable amount of time practising the spoken language each week.

The use of dialogues recorded by native speakers will enhance your ability to understand what you hear.

Will there be coursework? During the year you will build up a portfolio of work which will represent the progress you have made in the language.

How much practical work is there? In one sense everything you will do is practical as it is designed to help you to speak and understand Italian in basic everyday situations which you are likely to meet on a visit to Italy and when dealing with Italian speakers.

Who takes it? Anyone who wants to study Italian in a structured way and who wishes to work with like-minded fellow students under the weekly guidance of a tutor.

What can I do with it? You can use the knowledge you gain on visits to Italian speaking countries or communicate with Italian speakers. It will also provide a firm foundation for developing your language skills to a higher level in subsequent years.

Any other useful information What to buy – You will need to purchase books or equipment to complete the course successfully. Please do not purchase anything until after the first session. Bring paper and pencil to the first session unless asked to bring other equipment.