English Language – GCSE


GCSE English Language is designed to develop and enhance personal skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, and to encourage learners to be inspired, moved and changed by following a broad, satisfying and worthwhile course of study.


Day and Time

Thursday  Evening: 4.30.pm – 7.00pm 


The course will enable students of all abilities to develop the skills they need to read, understand and analyse a wide range of different texts, covering the 19th, 20th and 21st century time periods. It will also encourage them to write clearly, coherently and accurately, using a range of vocabulary and sentence structures.

More than just a course
The AQA specification offers the attraction of two equally-balanced papers, relating reading sources to the topic and theme of writing tasks. The reading sources act as stimulus for writing tasks, providing students with a clear route through each paper.

  • Paper 1, Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing, looks at how writers use narrative and descriptive techniques to engage the interest of readers.
  • Paper 2, Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives, looks at how different writers present a similar topic over time.

Our approach to spoken language (previously speaking and listening) will emphasise the importance of the wider benefits that speaking and listening skills have for students.

Career Path
An English GCSE qualification at Level 4 (C equivalent) or above, offers a gateway to many courses of further study, careers or apprenticeships and is considered a necessity by many academic institutions (including universities).

Careers that specifically use English skills include:

  • Primary and secondary education
  • Publishing
  • Journalism
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Politics
  • Law

Entry Requirements
Teaching is primarily aimed at those intending to gain a Level 4 (grade C) equivalent, as this is the standard set by most academic institutions, apprenticeships, etc. Therefore, most students will be expected to have previously gained a Level 3/Grade D at GCSE.  However, there may be exceptions to this, based on other qualifications gained and evidence of ability.

Why choose Cheadle College?
Results in GCSE at Cheadle College far exceeded the national average last year for English re-sits.

What the students say

Student feedback is overwhelmingly positive:

“We really enjoy the teaching style in lessons!”

“Questions really make you think and read between the lines.”

“Testing is regular and challenging.”


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Email: administrationcheadle@cmcnet.ac.uk