Art – Drawing & Painting

The Cheadle College, Hawk Green Reading Rooms, Heald Green Community Centre.

A range of drawing and painting courses to suit all levels of ability.


What skills do I need?
Learners are invited to come along with an open mind. No previous experience is necessary, just enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

How will I learn?
You will learn through demonstrations and practical sessions – you will produce your own work with individual advice and guidance. These courses will explore the versatility of the medium and improve your skills. By the end of the course you can expect more individual skills to be emerging.

Will there be coursework?
It is in the interest of the learner’s achievement on these courses that work is completed regularly. In some cases you may be asked to carry out research.
How much practical work is there? Learners will receive on-going assessment throughout the courses, completing practical projects both in the classroom and sometimes at home.

Who takes it?
The courses are open to beginners and to all learners who enjoy the subject and want to develop their skills.

What can I do with it?
You can enjoy the pleasure of achieving your own art work and there may be an opportunity to display this at the end of the course.

What to buy?
You may need to purchase books or equipment to complete the course successfully, but please only bring paper and a pencil to the first session unless instructed otherwise. You will then be told if you need further equipment.

Courses on offer:

Drawing Skills (Heald Green Community Centre)
This course is devoted to the skills involved in making drawings. From the humble pencil to charcoal and ink/wash, drawing is a skill that can be learned and developed. Drawing will be from still life objects. There will be demonstrations by the course tutor and end of session group discussions. There are many aspects and areas to be covered. A few of these are line, shading, mark-making and perspective. You will even learn how to draw a straight line without a ruler! Everyone is welcome and those more experienced may like to consider the benefits of a strict diet of monochrome.

Drawing & Watercolour Techniques (The Cheadle College)
This course will introduce you to drawing and watercolour painting and develop these techniques to provide you with a firm grounding in drawing and painting. The course will initially cover all the aspects that help an artist to get started. The students can build up a portfolio of reference information to assist them in further artwork.
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Watercolour Beginners (The Cheadle College & Hawk Green Reading Rooms)
Watercolour Improvers (Heald Green Community Centre)
Watercolour – All Levels (The Cheadle College)

Our watercolour courses cater for all levels – from complete beginners through to anyone who wants to improve established skills such as thinking, feeling and manipulation. With the aid of an experienced tutor you will also refine the methods and techniques required to enjoy watercolour painting as a leisure activity. Throughout the course, by demonstration and practical experience, you will encounter a variety of painting situations. It is a course which explores the medium of watercolour in a variety of ways. By the end of the course, you will have learned to compose and produce several paintings and will have built a portfolio which could enable you to progress to more advanced art classes.

*As some of these courses are held at community venues please check with Admissions when enrolling for confirmation of the venue.

Saturday morning Art Workshops

Painting with Acrylics (Sept. 2017)
Painting with Oils (Jan. 2018)
Painting with Watercolours (Sept. 2017)