Google Digital Garage Stockport

As part of National Apprenticeships Week and our ‘Digital’ Day – The Google Digital Garage bus has officially been confirmed for Tuesday 6th March.

The bus and its staff will be arriving at 9:45am and will leave at 4:30pm. We have permission for the bus to park in the car park opposite the Apprenticeships Store in bays 3-8.

They will be delivering courses upstairs on the bus for: ‘Stay Safe Online’, ‘Build a CV’ and ‘Write a Cover letter’

Date: 6th March 2018

Centre opening and closing time: 10.00am – 4:30pm

Courses to be delivered:
Stay Safe Online’, ‘Build a CV’, ‘Write a Cover letter’

Exact location:

Apprenticeships Store

Stockport Exchange,

Wellington Road South,


SK1 3TA.

Parking permissions: