Government & Politics A Level

A level (Edexcel)

Studying the English language is not only fascinating but also enables students to develop a wide range of writing skills which are invaluable for both further study and future employment.

Accent, dialect, how language is changing and how we first learn language are only part of the subject. Students also have the opportunity to write creatively and to investigate topics of personal interest such as gender, technology and power.

The very good results achieved by our students enable them to progress onto a wide range of university courses and careers. Developing understanding of and the ability to use the English language creates versatile individuals and broadens career horizons.

Career Path

  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Civil Servant
  • Non-governmental Organisation
  • Charity
  • Campaigns

More than just a course

A Level (year one)

  • Paper 1 – UK Politics You will learn about the nature of democracy in the UK, the policies and ideas of the major parties, how elections work and whether they can be improved. You will also study the core political ideas of conservatism, liberalism and socialism.
  • Paper 2 – UK Government You will study and criticise the British constitution, parliament, the Prime Minister and cabinet, the judiciary and civil liberties in the UK, as well as further ideological traditions.

A Level (year two)

  • Paper 3 – Comparative Politics You will either study the US constitution, presidency, democracy and civil rights or theories of Global Politics, sovereignty, globalisation, human rights, regionalism and the European Union.

Unique Features

You must have achieved the entry requirements for following the Advanced Pathway.

To study this course at A level, you must have achieved at least a grade 4 in GCSE English Language.

Entry Requirements

The traditional A Level pathway for those who may be thinking of University, Higher Apprenticeship or Degree Apprenticeship.

5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, covering a wide range of subject areas. These must include English Language and Maths.  Two of the subjects should be a grade 6.

“Politics is an extremely challenging subject, which broadens your outlook on society and how it is governed.”over time.”