IT-Improving Your IT Skills Workshop

The Cheadle College

A tutor led workshop covering a variety of levels and subject areas of ICT.

The course will offer training in building your skills in the following areas:

  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • Presentation
  • Using the internet
  • Using email
  • Desktop publishing
  • Managing your files and storing information

What skills do I need? Some basic knowledge of using a computer will be beneficial. You may have used a computer at home but never had any formal training.

On the other hand you may use a computer regularly and have touched on all or some of the areas listed above but wish to learn how to use some of them more fully.

How will I learn? This is a practical ICT course where learners will acquire the ICT skills they need with the help of an experienced and supportive tutor in a workshop environment.

Learners will use tutor led instructions and exercises to build up their confidence and expertise in the areas they have chosen.

When does it run? Cheadle:
Thursdays 6.30–9.00 pm for 10 weeks beginning on 21st September 2017 and 18th January 2018.

Will there be coursework? There will not be any coursework but you may wish to support your own progress by practicing at home between sessions.

You may wish to build up your own portfolio of work and notes from the sessions.

What can I do with it? The ICT Skills workshop will equip learners with a range of transferable ICT skills that can be used in employment or in the home.

Any other useful information? Bring a pen and notebook to the every lesson but do not buy any text books etc. until you have spoken with your tutor.