Digital Photography (Introduction to)

The Cheadle College

Learners will be introduced to a wide range of techniques to help them plan, compose and take photographs to a higher standard


My name is Richard Milnes. I am a professional photographer and I will be your tutor for this course.

Feel free to check out my website

During this course I’m hoping to provide you with some useful knowledge and have some fun at the same time!

What skills do I need? Nothing other than a keen interest in cameras and photography.

How will I learn? Through tutor demonstration, group discussions, some theory but, mainly, through practical exercises.

What can I do with it? You will improve your knowledge of cameras and the art of photography, helping you to develop your hobby and produce photographs that please you and will be admired by family and friends.

Any other useful information Make sure that you bring along the following:

  • Camera
  • Camera manual
  • Lens/Lenses
  • Plenty of questions!

Below is the outline of the course itinerary.

Week 1
Introduction; About You

How to become a Photographer

What makes a good Photographer?

Week 2
The Camera, equipment & workflow

Avoiding common mistakes


Week 3
Exposure; Focussing

Week 4
Practical Session – Long Exposure

Week 5

Natural Light

Week 5
Developing a style

Flash photography

Week 6
Practical – Studio Lighting

Week 7
Post Production #1

Week 8
Practical – Still Life

Week 9
Post Production #2

Week 10
Constructive Critique