AAT Award in Computerised Accounting- Level 2

AAT Award in Computerised Accounting- Level 2

The AAT Foundation Award in Accounting Software provides an entry point for anyone wishing to start a career in accountancy or finance. It may also support career progression for those already in employment by formally recognising their skills in using accounting software.


In the modern business environment, processing data and information into accounting software is a necessary task in most finance roles. The purpose of the AAT Foundation Award in Accounting Software is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to carry out typical bookkeeping transactions and tasks using accounting software confidently.

This qualification is suitable for those already working in finance, those returning to work after a break or those wishing to change career. The qualification is open to those who are working and those who are not currently in employment. It also offers progression for students who have already started studying accounting software with AAT.

AAT does not set any prerequisites for the study of the AAT Foundation Award in Accounting Software. However, for the best chance of success, we recommend that students begin their studies with a good standard of English and Maths.

Why choose this qualification?

Students who wish to build their practical skills quickly should choose the AAT Foundation Award in Accounting Software. This qualification allows students to develop specialised skills or to gain recognition for the skills that they already have.

Studying this qualification will give students confidence in using accounting software. This may support them in entering employment or in improving their career prospects. The qualification may help students to enter a financial administration role, help them to gain a promotion or give them the skills to support the financial processes within their own business.

This qualification would be an ideal next step for students with experience in manual bookkeeping or for those who have already studied the use of accounting software with AAT before progressing on to other accounting qualifications.

How will I be assessed?

This award is completed via a computer-based exam, where evidence of work is uploaded to the examination platform. The evidence is marked by AAT approved assessors and the results are available 6 weeks later.